Having a Bad Day? This One Simple Shift Can Help You Save the Day

Feb 25, 2020

There is no such thing as a bad day. Only bad moments.

Once you understand that, you instantly regain control over the outcome of your day.

A day filled with bad moments can still be a great day, can’t it? A bad day, however, once you give it that label, can become nothing else than what it already is.

“I can’t f***ing wait for today to be over.” Ever find yourself idolizing the morrow?

That’s what we do. We see days, months and years as opportunities to start over. But, do we really need permission from our calendar to start feeling great again?

Life’s too short to sit around and hope for better days.

You see, the cool thing with moments is that they begin and end whenever we want them to. There’s no waiting involved.

There’s so much to be grateful for today. And the only ones who don’t know that are the little voices in your head. So call ’em up, and let them know the pity party has just ended.

As soon as you finish reading this post, a new moment will start and it will be up to you what becomes of it.

Ready? Go.