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Ben Pages

  • Specialization: Performance, personal growth
  • Location: Olomouc, the Czech Republic
  • In-person and online

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Work closely with a dedicated coach who is 100% committed to your success. I am a certified coach recognized by the International Coaching Federation (ICF), specializing in driving performance and personal growth. My coaching approach is all about results—no fluff, no excuses. Together, we'll identify your goals, equip you with the inner resources you need, and relentlessly pursue them. Say goodbye to self-imposed limitations as we rewire your mindset and get you fully in the game. It's time to seize control of your destiny and make your dreams a reality.


As a coach specializing in driving performance and personal growth, I offer a range of coaching services tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives. Here are a few examples of the packages I offer:

I can tailor coaching services to address your specific needs and objectives. Let's discuss your goals and design a coaching package that suits you best.


My coaching packages typically span a duration of 3 months, providing you with comprehensive support and guidance throughout your journey. Pricing is tailored to meet your specific needs and may vary based on the scope of services you need.

Starting at $1,000 for a 3-month coaching experience.

Experience, Certifications, and Training

About Me

Straightforward and Direct: I believe in cutting through the fluff and getting straight to the point. No BS. My coaching approach is refreshingly honest, as I am not here to please, but to serve you with unwavering dedication.

Structured and Systematic: With a structured and systematic approach, I provide a clear roadmap for your coaching journey. Together, we will follow a carefully designed path that ensures we cover all the necessary areas for your growth and development.

Active Listening and Powerful NLP-Based Techniques: Through active listening, I gain a deep understanding of your needs and aspirations. Drawing upon powerful Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) techniques, we'll work together to create lasting change in your life. I firmly believe that strategies alone aren't enough; we need to address the mind as well.

Custom, Results-Driven Approach: Your journey is unique, and I recognize that. That's why I tailor my coaching approach to suit your individual needs and inner world. This results-driven approach ensures that we focus on the outcomes you desire and take action towards achieving them.

Action-Driven, Not Woo-Woo: Forget the vague and intangible. Our coaching sessions are all about actionable steps that propel you forward. We will call out any self-sabotaging patterns and work together to create new behaviors that align with your goals and aspirations.

Effective and Impactful: My coaching style is designed to make a real difference in your life. We will tackle the root causes of any challenges you face, empowering you to overcome them and create the life you truly want.

Results and Goals

As your coach, I offer a unique approach that sets me apart from others. With a focus on personal growth and performance, I can help you achieve remarkable results that other coaches may not provide. Here are the areas where my expertise shines:

  1. Transformational Personal Growth: I am dedicated to guiding you through transformative personal growth. By leveraging powerful NLP-based techniques and active listening skills, we will dive deep into your inner world, uncovering and rewiring limiting beliefs that have held you back. Together, we will create lasting change and unleash your true potential.

  2. Results-Driven Goal Attainment: Setting goals is one thing, but achieving them is another. With my structured and systematic approach, we will craft actionable strategies tailored to your unique needs. We'll focus on developing the necessary mindset, inner resources, and habits that propel you towards your goals. No more aimless wandering – we will work together to achieve tangible results.

  3. Empowering Performance Enhancement: Are you looking to enhance your performance in various aspects of life? I go beyond superficial strategies and delve into the depths of your mindset. By identifying and rewiring self-sabotaging patterns, we will unleash your untapped potential. Through a custom, results-driven approach, we'll develop strategies that maximize your productivity, effectiveness, and success.

  4. Overcoming Challenges and Creating Breakthroughs: Life is full of challenges, but I'm here to help you overcome them. With a straightforward and direct coaching style, I won't shy away from calling out any self-limiting beliefs or behaviors. We'll work together to create new patterns of behavior that align with your goals, enabling you to overcome obstacles and create breakthroughs in all areas of your life.

  5. Unleashing Unwavering Confidence: Confidence is the cornerstone of success, and I specialize in building unshakable self-belief. Through powerful coaching techniques, we'll address any self-doubt and develop a strong sense of self-worth. You'll emerge with unwavering confidence, allowing you to take bold actions and achieve extraordinary results.

  6. Personalized Attention and Support: Unlike generic coaching approaches, my coaching style is tailored to your individual needs and inner world. I provide personalized attention and support, creating a safe space for exploration and growth. Together, we'll develop a deep understanding of your unique strengths and challenges, allowing us to craft strategies that bring out your very best.


In only two months I went from imposter syndrome and paralysis analysis to the person I am now: confident, brave, goal-oriented. Ben helped me to overcome my fears and take action to walk on the path I envisioned for my life. - Markus

I came to Ben with a serious lack of confidence in what I could accomplish professionally. He has been helping me a lot in identifying my goals step by step and in taking concrete actions to realize my ambitions. - Charlotte

Ben's use of NLP combined with his ability to ask just the right questions was very effective in drawing clear answers out of confusion. I can recall at least a couple of occasions where I just felt completely stuck when we started the call and Ben was able to quickly help me regain clarity. - Larry

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